monuments – man constructed values which reveal cultural intentions

Liberation of the Stopera & a new Dam for Amsterdam

Planet Texel – coastal scenography

Border as Origin      Borderline Transfer Points      Danse le Mirage

020 Watermark    Unesco 02.0

landscape & coverage – language of an area.- landscape equals community

Traces of Sadness      Borderline Conditions      Court of Anarchia     Singing Bicycle Lane    NYC 6th Borough

building architectures – utility is by itself just usability for a particular function.- architecture tells a story

Ironing Clouds      Pixel This      Behind the Screen     Vicinity

Villa High Voltage      Art & Architecture School     Annex One

Rare 44

& spatial objects – senses are subjective, objective meaning as well

Table Kit     Poetry Eve     Café l’automatique      nr-1-bench      STOOLS