other things

Ambiguous I

OLD SKOOL MODELS      Never presented drawings

Facade   invitation John Körmeling     On a box

Pavilion on canvas      IkKEjA       QCKMRK    Stijl-figure

Architectural swing     Stills     Purgatory     exhibithings      Westeind-hoven     Archileaks

picture things
Balcony     Berliner Trip     Correfoc     Correfoc it     Port Rate

sounds like
Shut’ha Door! (compilation) – Arché     Aristoteles nr2    Architectural atmosphere      Ambient 3th
Geile trein     Grief     Interlucid     Jan walkerr      just new (stop)     Mooi    Other     Simfonication
Soundtrack purposes    Sphere     Stage one      Temporality      Very cool very 2     Wappy     Z’28 2

€6,95 – H&M (single)7Km by bike

short film
JUST A FILM      Living in Contrast

paint things (coming soon)
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This is just a small grasp of the art works. More coming soon!