Cafe l’automatique

2008 – 100 square meters to build a kiosk in a residential district (circa 1915) aiming for a twenty-four-hour concept. The given location is a barely used public square shaped by a fork-shaped traffic junction, with a backdrop landmark and in the middle a statue of the town planner / architect Berlage.

During time the traffic meeting point got more complex. The boulevard that splits up in two directions is a fast car route nowadays. People skip this place, designed for strolling, and disappear in a vastness of our fast daily life.

Twenty-four-hour in an original thirties district.- Slow down the fast, offer them a drink in an ideal setting to shape destination, memory and wondering. We created an alternative route in the middle zone of a green lane, normally used as ‘green to view’.  In our proposal drivers slowdown ‘off road’ and choose one of the six parking capsules. You offer a coffee and go up 4 meters, but (!) if you choose 15 minutes you rise up to 8 meters and half an hour brings you up between the crowns of the trees.-

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