Danse le Mirage

2010 – A hotel intergrated in an interjunction.- A highway is a place of constant circulation & is therefor a non-place. An interjunction is a non-place, because mostly it is just a coordinate on a map. People stay temporary in hotel and therefor it is a non-place.-A place is defined space. A place is therefor meaningful. A place is somewhere to stay. A place is somewhere to return to, therefor a place is like home (sweet home). A non-place is between ‘stays’, between (meaningful) places. A non-place is capsular. Paradox: you can feel at home at a non-place, but sensing a place is nonsense for a non-place: so the hotel is a part of the non-location – Hein van Lieshout

I. interjunction “Waterberg” – Arnhem

 II. fly-overs (have to be reinforced for future purposes)

III. functional scheme for future hotel

IV. model

V.Before presentation

VI. Transformation of 4 fly-overs into a hotel

 Architectural Things danse le mirage

VII. fly-over 1: lobby & pedestrian bridge, transition area

VIII. fly-over 2: pool- & sauna

IX. Restaurant / bar

X. rooms


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