Hein van Lieshout

Architecture is a fundamental cultural act of building our environments expressing the present to create value and future meaning combining strong ideas with technology and crafts.

Therefor I pursue a fascination for interdisciplinary design & research methods by practising architecture on various scales.

Fuelled by my fascination with language, philosophy and symbolism I “write” layered spatial stories by producing (research) models resulting in high quality imaginative vistas.

Hein van Lieshout  (1981)

Contact information

Hein van Lieshout at the Amsterdam Academie of Architecture

 Hein van Lieshout - Architectural Things

Project list (brief selection of various scales)


– Bijlmerbajes – Spatial exploration & Urban Design – Client: Amsterdam Municipality

– Stopera – National House for Opera & Ballet + Amsterdam City Hall –  Study + urban & architectural vision + design – transformation / revaluation – 120.000m2 –  Read the book


– Planet Texel – International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam – Future vision Texel (463km²) & strategy for coastal Defence with a bay for maritime innovations (27km) – client: LA4SALE

– RARE-44 – House Boat – definitive design – 300 m² – private client


– Hedwigepolder – Landscape & development strategy – Client: Radboud University + M.C.Eker

– Furniture for Public Space & Interior – client: West Amsterdam + self-employed